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februar 2020 – Border Breakers
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I don’t wanna be your friend // Ida Just

Honest and introspective storytelling lies at the core of Ida Just’s songwriting. Combining pop, indie, and dance music with flourishing melodies and playful production, she creates emotive and colourful soundscapes.
Growing up in Copenhagen, Denmark, singer/songwriter Ida Just started dance lessons at the age of 2, which became her introduction to expressing herself through music. With a family of dancers, Ida was always surrounded by music and performance, and as a young child she began singing in a choir. In Ida’s teenager years, she picked up the guitar to turn
her poetry into melodies. Ida explains, “I’ve always written about my emotions, whether it was in a journal or through poetry. Then in my early teens I realised the euphoric emotion I felt from singing my own words, a feeling I’d never experienced – not even through dance”.
Setting the scene for a 6-part story, Ida’s debut single ‘I Don’t Wanna Be Your Friend’ perfectly introduces us to the first chapter off of her fourthcoming debut EP ‘If I’m Being Honest’ out later this year.
With her fragile voice, communicating a message of a young woman rediscovering herself after heartbreak, she seeks solitude by dancing through her tears, capturing a journey of ‘being honest’ with oneself in order to heal and let go.